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It's the blending that makes our decaffeinated coffee special. Our experts skilfully combine the full-bodied, smooth and fruity notes of Brazilian, Columbian and Ethiopian Sidamo beans. Then the blend is medium roasted, to make sure all the subtle flavours aren't lost.

The result? All the taste of great coffee but without the sleepless nights. You can use this coffee in cafetieres or coffee filters.

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100% Pure Arabica Ground Coffee

Packed in protective atmosphere

Once opened, use within 2 weeks

Store the bag in your fridge or freezer


One early morning, as the sun crept over the rooftops and danced on the rain covered pavements of the streets of London, a sign on a door was changed to open and Twinings' Coffee House was born.

That morning in 1706, Thomas Twining opened his coffee shop for people to get together and discuss the hot topics of the moment, while enjoying some of his best coffees.

Whilst now famed for tea, the passion for coffee and a good chat still burns here at Twinings.


Of course the secret to that perfect cup of coffee is great ingredients, but more than this it’s the art of blending and balancing different flavours, the whole becoming greater than the parts.

Think of it like food; juicy beef tomatoes are great; add a slice of buffalo mozzarella and it’s much nicer; with a few basil leaves on top, you have something really special.

So that’s what we do, from zesty sun-drenched Kenyan to smooth Brazilian beans, we find the ones that work best together.