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A blend of China tea with jasmine-scented green tea and the subtle flavour of rose.

A chance encounter with a perfumer provided the inspiration for this delicate blend. As we talked, I was inspired by his knowledge in blending delicate scents to create delightful perfumes and in this unique blend I have applied the same discipline to balance the delicate flavours of tea.

Layers of fresh Jasmine flowers. A touch of delicate rose oil. High quality China Congou grade is married with delicious jasmine-scented green tea to deliver an exquisite blend. Layer upon layer of fresh jasmine flowers open early in the evening to infuse tea leaves overnight. Finally, a touch of natural rose oil is added for its distinct honeyed notes, softening the floral quality of the jasmine.

Beautifully light and subtle, yet playful.

Hints of jasmine and rose evoke the gentle beauty of an English summer evening. Best enjoyed without milk, just one sip conveys the tranquillity of dusk in the great outdoors.

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100% Jasmine Scented Green Tea.